about Dotty

As a child, designer Heather Bolt realized she had an obsession with clothing and fashion. Not only did she possess a passion about how clothing looked and fit, but was fascinated by the history of fashion, the process of creating textiles, and how the two work together to create clothing. Heather's love of everything vintage, from cars to clothing, textiles to tattoos, helps her to keep the history of fashion alive in her work. 
After graduating from The Academy of Design in Toronto, Canada, Heather began her career in fashion wholesale as a sales representative for New York designer Ellen Tracy. She went on to launch her own fashion wholesale agency, representing numerous women's wear collections from Europe, Canada, and the U.S. 
The Dotty dress collection was created after fielding numerous requests from clients searching for feminine, sophisticated, fun day dresses. Through her fashion education and work experience, Heather knows what women are looking for in a dress, and she translates that knowledge into her designs. Heather makes sure to infuse a little fashion history, with her love of textiles, and always adds a vintage vibe to every dress.